Prof. Paul M. Janicke

Institute for Intellectual Property and Information Law

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2A. Historical Wastewater Treatment Publications

2A2. Kiersted text (1894)

2A21. Connecticut Report (1899)

2A3. Biblio. listings (1905)

2A4. Cosgrove text (1909)

2A5. Kinnicutt text (1910)

2A6. Amer. Socy. of Municipal Improvements reports (1916)

2A6a. Close-up photos from Amer. Socy. of Munic. Improvements reports (1916)

2A7. Sewage Equipment Manual (1935)

2A8. Wild patent (1899)

2A9. Nordtmyer patent (1903)

2A10. Henderson patent (1904)

2A11. Martin text chapters (1927)

2A12. Pearse text chapters (1938)

2A13. Beddoes patent (1908)

2A14. One Hundred Year Brief History


2B. Patents of Walter Jones, History of Jones & Attwood and Activated Sludge Ltd.

2B1. Photo of Walter Jones

2B2. Jones & Attwood company history [D. Randle]

2B3. Black Country article re. Walter Jones

2B4. Webb's testimony about Walter Jones [Milwaukee trial record]

2B5. Condolence letters on Walter Jones's death (1924)

2B6. U.S. '540 patent family

2B6.1. UK pat. 22,952

2B6.2. US '540 pat.

2B6.3. File history of US '540 pat.

2B7. U.S. '587 patent family

2B7.1. UK pat. 22,916

2B7.2. UK pat. 729

2B7.3. US '587 (div.) pat.

2B7.4. File history of US '587 pat.

2B8. U.S. '017 patent family

2B8.1. UK pat. 21,986

2B8.2. US '017 pat.

2B8.3. File history of US '017

2B9. U.S. '543 patent family

2B9.1. UK pat. 22,736

2B9.2. US '543 pat.

2B9.3. File history of US '543 pat.

2B9.4. Reissue (Re. 15,140) of US '543 pat.

2B10. U.S. '542 patent family

2B10.1. UK pat. 22,737

2B10.2. US '542 pat.

2B10.3. File history of US '542 pat.

2B11. Patent Assignments, etc.

2B11.1. Assignment (fragment) Jones to Activated Sludge Ltd.

2B11.2. Assignment (fragment) Activ. Sludge Ltd. to Activ. Sludge Inc.

2B12. Attempts To Block U.S. Issuance

2B12.1. Correspondence to Patent Office attempting to block issuance


2C. The Milwaukee Case

2C1. Jones Island (Milwaukee) treatment plant history

2C2. Notice of Infringement (1925)

2C3. Complaint (1928)

2C4. Answer

2C5. ASI's opening statement

2C6. Milwaukee's opening statement

2C7. Exhibit - Description of Milw. Activ. Sludge Project (1923)

2C8. Exhibit - Fowler-Mumford 1913 paper

2C9. Exhibit - Ardern-Lockett 1914 paper

2C9.1. Jones & Attwood Brochure #49 [on activated sludge process and equipment]

2C10. License to Guthard, and termination thereof

2C11. Fowler testimony [from Milwaukee record]

2C12. Arden testimony [from Milwaukee record]

2C13. Lockett testimony [from Milwaukee record]

2C14. Coombs testimony [from Milwaukee record]

2C15. Gladys Mumford testimony [from Milwaukee record]

2C16. Roper testimony [from Milwaukee record]

2C17. Webb testimony [from Milwaukee record]

2C18. Hatton testimony [from Milwaukee record]

2C19. Judge Geiger's Findings of Fact (merits phase)

2C20. Judge Geiger's opinion (merits phase)

2C20.1. Judge Geiger's opinion (printed version)

2C21. Judge Geiger's decree (merits phase)

2C22. Milwaukee's brief on appeal

2C22.1. Wisconsin's brief amicus curiae

2C23. Activated Sludge Inc's brief on appeal

2C24. City of Milwaukee Activated Sludge Inc. (7th Cir. 1934, #5001)

2C25. City of Milwaukee Activated Sludge Inc. (7th Cir. 1934, #5077)

2C26. Milwaukee's petition for cert.

2C27. Cert. denied (1934)

2C28. Sewage Commission bound by the judgment (7th Cir. 1936)

2C29. Activated Sludge v. Fehr [Milw. contractor] (7th Cir. 1936 #5727)

2C30. Activated Sludge v. Milwaukee -- re. interlocutory payments (7th Cir. 1936)

2C31. Judge Geiger's opinion on accounting (1937)

2C32. Stipulated damages resolution (7th Cir. 1938)

2C33. Final judgment (E.D. Wis. 1938)

2C34. 25 Years of Plant Operations In Connection With Drying Sludge (1984)

2C35. Early Milwaukee plant dwg. and photo

2C36. Photos of Jones Island Plant today


2D. The Chicago Case

2D1. DesPlaines River (Maywood) Treatment Plant photos

2D2. North Side (Skokie) Treatment Plant photos

2D3. Chicago Tribune re. World Fair exhibit re. Stickney Plant

2D4. Original Complaint against Chicago (1924)

2D5. Supplemental Complaint against Chicago (1928)

2D6. 7th Circuit reversal of original dismissal (May 1929)

2D7. Chicago's Answer to Supplemental Complaint (July 1929)

2D8. Amended Chicago Answer (July 1929)

2D9. Chicago Tribune story about the case and plaintiff's attorney Lynn Williams

2D10. Guthard's Motion to Dismiss Him As Plaintiff (Aug. 1929)

2D11. District Court's Decision (merits phase) (1934)

2D12. Chicago's brief on appeal

2D13. ASI's brief on appeal

2D14. Affirmance by 7th Circuit (1937)

2D15. Chicago's petition and brief for certiorari

2D16. Cert. denied (1937)

2D17. District Court's Refusal to Reopen merits phase (1940)

2D18. 7th Circuit Affirms Refusal to Reopen merits phase (1941)

2D19. Chicago's petition and brief for cert. on refusal to reopen

2D20. Cert. denied (1941)

2D21. District Court's Damages Opinion (1946)

2D22. 7th Circuit per curiam affirmance re. damages (1947)

2D23. Cert. denied re. damages award

2D24. Cert. rehearing denied re. damages award


2E. Other Activated Sludge Inc. Suits for Infringement

2E1. Cleveland [Federal]

2E2. Cleveland [State]

2E3. Fort Worth

2E4. Indianapolis

2E5. Madison

2E6. Salem

2E7. Sherman TX and Gainesville TX


2F. Bios of Judges and Lawyers

2F1. Judge Geiger portrait

2F2. Judge Geiger's courtroom

2F3. Judge Geiger bio from court

2F4. Judge Geiger memorial and bio

2F5. Judge Geiger obit.

2F6. Lynn Williams obit.

2F7. Wallace Lane obit.

2F8. Photo of 7th Circuit Judges

2F9. Judge Walter Lindley

2F10. Judge William Morris Sparks

2F11. Judge William Morris Sparks bio

2F12. Newton Baker photo

2F13. Newton Baker bio

2F14. Arthur Denison bio


2G. Activated Sludge Process

2G1. Report of the Sludge Committee (1923)

2G2. Platt -- History of Activated Sludge (2004)

2G3. Tarr et al. -- Urban Wastewater Technology Development (1850-1930)


2H. Additional references

Alleman, James E., The Genesis and Evolution of Activated Sludge Technology

Cain, Louis P., Sanitation Strategy for a Lakefront Metropolis -- The Case of Chicago (Northern Ill. Univ. Press 1978)

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