I am indebted to many people for the help they have provided me in locating and collecting the materials for this library. The personnel of the National Archives & Records Administration, Chicago office, were particularly helpful in identifying archival records relating to the many facets of these patent infringement controversies. These included Glenn Longacre, Stephanie Phillips, and Scott Forsythe.

This work would not have been possible without the ongoing support and skills of our law librarian Mon-Yin Lung. She has managed to find articles and books published a century and more ago, which then appear in my office at the University of Houston Law Center.

Personnel of the Chicago wastewater treatment plant at Stickney and the plant at Jones Island, Milwaukee, were most helpful in answering my technical questions and in guiding me through their facilities. Information about the history of Jones & Attwood and Mr. Walter Jones was provided to me by Mr. Mark Higgins of Titan Works Ltd., a successor company for part of the Jones & Attwood business, and by Mr. David Randle, former chief executive of Titan, who wrote the interesting biography of the company that appears herein. For information about British patent practice in the early twentieth century I thank Sir Robin Jacob and Maxwell Keay.

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Finally, I wish to acknowledge the constant encouragement of my faculty colleague, Greg Vetter, from the inception of this project in 2010 through its conclusion, and the support provided by the university administration in authorizing a one-semester leave to complete this work.