1. Lake Michigan Water Diversion: A Brief Legal History
Prof. Paul M. Janicke
Institute for Intellectual Property and Information Law
University of Houston Law Center

1A. Background

1A1. Map of the Great Lakes

1A2. Map of the Great Lakes Drainage Basin

1A3. Map of Illinois-Indiana-Michigan State Boundaries

1A3.1. Map of Illinois & Michigan Canal

1A4. Map of Chicago Drainage Canal(1)

1A5. Map of Chicago Drainage Canal(2)

1A6. Illinois Statehood Law (1818)

1A7. Illinois State Law re. Drainage Canal (1899)

1A8. Federal Rivers & Harbors Appropriation (1899)

1A9. Boundary Waters Treaty With Canada-Great Britain (1909)

1A10. Chicago River and Waterways

1A11. Canal Industries Photos (2010)

1A12. Chicago Stickney Treatment Plant Photos (2010)

1A13. Lockport Power Plant Photos (2010)

1A14. Milwaukee Treatment Plant Photos (2010)

1A15. Bibliography re. Lake Michigan Water Disputes


1B. Missouri v. Illinois (1906)

1B1. Missouri v. Illinois -- demurrer ruling (Shiras, 1901)

1B2. Missouri v. Illinois -- decided (Holmes, 1906)


1C. Sanitary Dist. v. U.S. (1925)

1C1. United States v. Chicago Sanitary District (Holmes, 1925)

1C2. Map of Illinois-Indiana-Michigan State Boundaries


1D. Wisconsin v. Illinois (1929)

1D1. Transportation On the Great Lakes (1926)

1D2. Special Master's Report (Charles Evans Hughes, 1927)

1D3. Wisconsin v. Illinois [first decision] (Taft, 1929)


1E. Wisconsin v. Illinois (1930)

1E1. Abstract of Special Master Hughes's 1929 Report on Rereference

1E2. Special Master's Report (Charles Evans Hughes) On Rereference (1929)

1E3. Illinois's Objections To the Report On Rereference

1E4. Wisconsin v. Illinois [second decision] (Holmes, 1930)

1E5. Supreme Court's Decree in the case (Holmes, 1930)


1F. Wisconsin v. Illinois (1933)

1F1. Rivers and Harbors Act of 1930

1F2. Appointment of Edward McClennen as special master (1932)

1F3. Special Master (Edward McClennen) Report (1933)

1F4. Decision Compelling Compliance (Hughes, C.J., 1933)


1G. Wisconsin v. Illinois (1941)

1G1. Lake States' Return on show-cause order (1940)

1G2. Initial per curiam rejection of Illinois's enlargement request (April 1940)

1G3. Order on stipulation arranged by special master Monte Lemann (Nov. 1940)

1G4. Lake States brief to special master Lemann (Jan. 1941)

1G5. Lake States requested findings (Feb. 1941)

1G6. Lake States supplemental brief to special master Lemann

1G7. Special Master (Monte Lemann) Report (Mar. 1941)

1G8. Lake States exceptions to special master Lemann's report (April 1941)

1G9. Supreme Court Order Overruling Objections to special master Lemann's report (May 1941)


1H. Wisconsin v. Illinois (1956)

1H1. First short diversion enlargement permission for Mississippi emergency (1956)

1H2. Second short emergency diversion enlargement (1957)


1I. Wisconsin v. Illinois (1959-1980)

1I1. Amended application to reopen decree -- 1959

1I2. Brief supporting amended application to reopen

1I3. Order appointing Judge Albert Maris as Special Master (1959)

1I4. Intervention By United States granted

1I5. Reference of U.S. Intervention to Judge Maris

1I6. Order referring position of United States to Judge Maris

1I7. Reference of N.Y. position to Judge Maris

1I8. Further reference of N.Y. position to Judge Maris

1I9. Special Master (Judge Albert Maris) Report (1966)

1I10. Exhibits to Maris Report

1I11. Stipulated Decree (1967)

1I12. Reference to Judge Maris re. method of calculating (1979)

1I12.1. Judge Maris Special Master Report of 1980

1I13. Order amending the decree (1980)

1I14. Illinois compliance statute

1I15. Table of Annual Illinois Diversions and Domestic Pumpage


1J. Illinois v. Milwaukee (1972-1985)

1J1. S.Ct. Refusal of Leave to file original action in the Court (1972)

1J2. Dist. Ct. opinion (1977)

1J3. Illinois v. Milwaukee -- 7th Cir. 1979

1J4. Illinois v. Milwaukee -- S.Ct. 1981 (Rehnquist)

1J5. Illinois v. Milwaukee -- 7th Cir. on remand, 1984)

1J6. Cert. denied -- S.Ct. 1985

1J7. Clean Water Act -- 1972 amendments


1K. Interstate Compact (2005)

1K0. Boundary Waters Treaty (1909)

1K1. Great Lakes Basin Compact (1955)

1K1.1 Great lakes Charter (1985)

1K2. Great Lakes - St. Lawrence Water Resources Compact (2005)

1K3. Agreement Between the States and Canadian Provinces

1K4. Consent of Congress to the 2005 Compact (2008)

1K5. 2009 Water Diversion Report


1L. Economic and Technical Documentation re. Lake Michigan Controversies

1L1. Chicago Waterways Monitoring Program -- 2008

1L2. Chicago Waterways Pollution Report for 2000 - 2009

1L3. Lake Michigan Pumpage Report for Illinois -- 2009

1L4. Chicago Waterway Traffic Report -- 2010

1L5. Lanyon affidavit describing Chicago Waterways -- 2010

1L6. Lanyon slide presentation on Chicago Waterways -- 2010

1L7. Lake Michigan Water Allocation for Illinois -- 2010

1L8. Lake Michigan Water Allocation for Illinois -- 2012

1L9. Usage of Lake Michigan Water, by all Lake states -- 2010

1L10. Low water levels of Lake Michigan in drought time

1L11. Chlorination of Treatment Plant Effluents

1L12. Long-term and 2013 levels of Lake Michigan, plus record highs and lows

1L13. Levels of All Great Lakes -- Oct. 2013

1L14. Chicago Waterways Traffic -- 2011

1L15. 2009 Deiversion Report

1L16. Transportation tstats -- shipping

1L17. Great lakes Shipping Overview

1L18. Illinois Waterway Tonnage by Lock -- 1999-2011

1L19. U.S. Flag Great Lakes Water Transportation

1L20. Complete transportation stats -- 2012

1L21. U.S. Port Rankings By Cargo Tonnage -- 2010


1M. Wisconsin v. Illinois (Asian Carp, 2010)

1M1. Michigan's motion to reopen decree (2010)

1M1.1 Michigan's motion for preliminary injunction

1M1.2 Ohio Brief in support

1M1.3 Minnesota Brief in support

1M1.4 Wisconsin Brief in support

1M1.5 New York Brief in support

1M1.6 Ontario Brief in support

1M1.7 United States Brief in opposition

1M1.8 Illinois Brief in opposition

1M1.9 Chicago District Brief in opposition

1M1.10 Michigan's renewed motion for preliminary injunction (2010)

1M1.11 Pennsylvania Brief in support of Michigan

1M1. 12 Indiana Brief in support of Michigan

1M1.13 Illinois Brief opposing renewed motion

1M1.14. United States Brief opposing renewed motion

1M2. Supreme Court Order denying reopening of decree (2010)

1M3. Michigan v. Chicago Water District and US Corps of Engineers -- D.Ct. complaint (2010)

1M4. Michigan v. Chicago Water District and US Corps of Engineers -- refusal of preliminary injunction (2010)

1M5. Michigan v. Chicago Water District and US Corps of Engineers -- affirming refusal of prelim. injunc. (7th Cir. 2011)

1M6. Michigan v. Chicago Water District and US Corps of Engineers -- cert. denied (2012)

1M7. Michigan v. Chicago Water District and US Corps of Engineers -- D.Ct. dismissal for failure to state (2012)

1M8. Michigan (appellant) Brief in 7th Circuit

1M9. Army Engineers (appellee) Brief in 7th Circuit

1M10. Chicago Intervenors Brief in 7th Circuit

1M11. 7th Circuit Judicial Notice Order (2014)

1M12. GLMRIS Report (2014)

1M13. GLMRIS Summary Report (2014)


1N. Biographical

1N1. Charles Evans Hughes

1N2. Hughes bio notes

1N3. Edward McClennen

1N4. Monte Lemann

1N5. Judge Albert B. Maris

1N7. Judge Maris obituary

1M8. Newton Baker

1M9. Arthur Denison


1O. Bibliography

1O1. Bibliography re. Lake Michigan Controversies